Rolled Jeans - How to Get the Look

I'm calling this my "J. Crew" weekend. The new J. Crew spring catalogue arrived on Friday AND Mr. UPS showed up with 3 orders that I wasn't expecting until next week, so it did feel kind of like Christmas again.

I came across the Distressed vintage slim jean on page 30, and next to the image of the model there was a note about how to create the rolled up hem shown on the jeans worn by many of the J. Crew models on their website.

This is how J. Crew tells us to create the look:

With the jean fully unrolled, fold over an inch of fabric to make the ankle opening tighter. Then hold on to that fold as you roll up from the bottom to desired length (we like ours to hit just above the ankle).

Sometimes I roll the hem of my jeans at home, or more like fold them up. The technique also works with flared jeans, but you'll need to fold a bit more of the fabric over to make the ankle opening tigher.