J.Crew Hacking Jackets in Tipped Double-Serge Wool and Herringbone

Outfit details:
Hacking jacket in tipped double-serge wool
Tissue turtleneck in strawberry
Minnie pants in bi-stretch wool
J.Crew booties from last year

It's so nice to not have final sale on items that I wanted to try if they went on sale. In the case of the Hacking jacket in tipped double-serge wool, getting 'stuck' with it on a final sale would not be disappointing.

The first word that popped in my head when I tried this jacket on was impeccable. Really, it's a J.Crew piece that deserves high marks. I ordered this in size 4T to accomodate my long arms. I love the fitted design of this year's Hacking jackets. While they don't work for me over a thick sweater, they are perfect over the tissue turtlenecksmerino turtleneck sweaters, and my vintage thermal tee.

The underside of the upper collar is felt and the sleeve cuffs feature 3 working brass buttons. All pockets are sewn shut. The back vent lays completely flat on this one. I couldn't find any flaws in the workmanship, material, or fit.

One interesting detail I noticed is that the Crown & Shield matte brass buttons are marked with The Waterbury Button Company stamp. This company has been around since 1812, and currently makes the same buttons (with different designs) in the USA for the military as well as designers like Dior, Burberry, and Brooks Brothers.

The Hacking jacket in herringbone is basically the same cut but in a different fabric. I'm also wearing a size 4T in this one. It feels just a little more snug around the waist and hip areas than the tipped version. Likely because the material is thicker. I think the herringbone jacket has a more relaxed look to it, but either version can easily be dressed up or down.