J.Crew New Arrival Picks and Popover in Navy Foulard Styling Ideas

  1.  Popover in Ratti Geo print
  2. Schoolboy blazer in tipped wool
  3. Cate cami in iced lilac paisley
  4. Wool houndstooth scarf
  5. Collection Printed tweed tuxedo pant
  6. Cafe capri in pintucked heavy shantung
  7. Fanned leaf necklace
  8. Hughes satchel
  9. Piamita Isabella top
  10. Textured stripe sweater in navy
  11. Collection cashmere tipped long sleeve tee
  12. Garnet flame plaid shirt
As I said in yesterday's post, I found lots to love in J.Crew's newest roll-out of fall goodies. That hasn't happened for some time! I like to coordinate my picks into sets because it helps me to visualize how the pieces can work together, and makes it easier to narrow down what will work best with what I already own.

While I LOVE the Cate cami print, I'm bummed that it's not available in a top with sleeves, or  a skirt instead of pants. The Garnet flame plaid shirt looks like a versatile top, I especially like the way J.Crew styled it with a navy blazer and white turtleneck. 

  1. Necklace sweatshirt
  2. Collection cashmere boyfriend sweater
  3. Cafe capri in heavy pintucked shantung
  4. Riviera necklace
  5. Wool houndstooth scarf
  6. Slip on oxfords
  7. Smartphone leather gloves
  8. Hughes satchel
  9. Jeweled donegal sweater
  10. Jeweled leather gloves
  11. Crinkle boyshirt in Black Watch plaid
  12. Linen Moraccan tile tee
  13. Open cardigan
I also liked quite a few items in this cool colorway. The Riviera necklace looks gorgeous. The Wool houndstooth scarf, slip on oxfords, and leather gloves (5, 6 and 7) are favorites because I think they give coats and outfits from past seasons a fresh, updated look and feel. 

Popover in navy foulard styling ideas (other items are from my closet, except necklace)

Of course a girl wants what she can't have! For some strange reason, this top doesn't ship to Canada. When I saw that I was like, huh? I kind of understand nail polish being turned away at the border, but a cotton/silk top? Really? Please tell me it's just a glitch with your system J.Crew...

Anyway, I came up with some styling ideas for it, just in case, you know? And for the ladies who can add this top to their closet right away, I hope it helps with ideas for wearing it. It seems like a super versatile top - throw it on with jeans, or under a navy blazer or cardi. Photos and a review on Ina's blog here