J.Crew Argyle V-Neck Cardigan

My Sunday casual outfit is J.Crew's Argyle V-neck Cardigan (currently a steal at $29.99) in the Hazelnut/Ecru/Graphite combination, Hammered Silk Tank in Nantucket Fog, Matchstick Jeans and Lizzie Patent-Leather Driving Mocs in Metallic Bronze.

The color of this cardigan reminds me of the cinnamon I used in the Apple Crisp recipe below! I tend to not follow recipes to the letter, and modify ingredients and measurements to my taste.

Quick Apple Crisp Recipe

4 large Fuji apples (about 3 lbs)
use unwaxed and organic apples if possible, so they don't need to be peeled
1/4 cup organic sugar
lemon juice to toss apples with
1/2 tsp. organic cinnamon (more to taste)
1/2 cup organic flour
1/2 cup organic rolled oats
3-4 tablespoons cold organic butter (cut into smaller pieces)
approx. 1/4 cup water

Core and chop apples (peel if waxed). Toss in bowl with lemon juice. Sprinkle/toss with cinnamon. Combine flour, sugar and oats in a separate bowl. Cut butter into flour mixture with a pastry blender until it looks like fine crumbles.

I spread the apple mixture in the bottom of a round casserole dish (did not butter the dish), added water, then sprinkled the flour mixture on top.

Bake uncovered at 375F for 35 to 45 minutes, until apples are tender and topping is browned lightly. I used the broiler for the last minute or so to finish off the crisp. Use broiler carefully as it can scorch the crisp quickly.

Serve warm or cooled, with or without vanilla ice-cream.

Argyle V-Neck Cardigan - Option 1

Argyle V-Neck Cardigan - Option 2

Argyle V-Neck Cardigan - Option 3