Wool-Cashmere Linda Hoodie, Jeweled Turtle Bauble Bracelet and Berry Charm Bracelet

Outfit details: 
J.Crew Wool Cashmere Linda Hoodie
J.Crew Matchstick cords 
J.Crew Caroline flats

Jeweled Turtle Bauble necklace that I deconstructed. 

Monday's Outfit

On Sunday I wore a bright rhubarb color Boatneck Painter tee, Gap Bootleg jeans and J. Crew's adorable new, black Jane suede ballet flats.

The Berry Charm bracelet I ordered off eBay arrived last week. I was pleasantly surprised that the bracelet was even nicer IRL than pictured. 

I emailed J. Crew for history about this bracelet, and received the following information from their catalogue specialty group: "...The Multi Berry Charm Bracelet #81128 was offered in the Fall/Holiday season of 2006; also in the Spring 2007."
Catching up - My Sunday outfit