Welcome to My Closet J.Crew Red Ruffle Astrid Jacket

I finally ordered the Floral-ruffle Astrid Jacket that's been lingering on the J. Crew website for some time. I thought that after all these months that if I still loved the look of it, then it was probably meant to belong in my closet.

This jacket was discussed on the J. Crew Afficionada blog when it first came out in September. A number of ladies didn't care for the version of the jacket that made it to production because it was missing the additional row of ruffle trim on both sleeves. To be honest, I don't mind and I like this jacket even without the extra ruffles.

I wore a simple white tee under the jacket and accessorized with J.Crew`s Taj Mahal crystal-ball necklace, gold color bracelets, Thompson tote, and Metallic City ballet flats, also in the platinum gold color.