My Forever 21 Order Arrived Today!

The Sakura Satin Scarf - Forever 21
J.Crew tops

Last Saturday I placed an online order with Forever21. My package arrived yesterday - love the fast shipping! Here are the real life pictures of what I got.

Chiffon Printed Woven Scarf is also a keeper. The colors are a great match with J.Crew's melon/peachy shades shades as well as neutrals like the putty cardigan.

The Peach/Cream Faux pearl necklace goes with the peachy pinks, beige-browns and grey colors from J.Crew this season.

Blooming Field Chiffon Top is pretty but not a high quality item. Again, the colors match with J.Crew shades.

So that's it. My first F21 order in pictures. I'll definitely consider ordering from here again, but I will probably stick to their jewelry and accessories.