Part 1: A Tale of Two Bags. The Lexi Clutch in Real Life

I apologize dear readers for my lengthy break from blogging (well, lengthy for me anyway). It's not like I've been away on some fantastic holiday and I don't even have an excuse other than I guess I was feeling blogged-down and needed a short break. I'll probably post less often while I catch up on reading other blogs too, but I'll try to keep things interesting with some new pieces from J.Crew and other goodies.

The Lexi Clutch in the light amethyst color was one of the items on my list. Oh, how I coveted the Lexi Clutch when I first saw it. The color, the shape, the style, the size, the tassel...perfect. Ok, I admit it was the tassel that really got me. Or maybe it was the color. I think I have a weakness for purple handbags with tassels.

The good things about Lexi are:

1. The tassel. Of course. So pretty.
2. The color. A pretty pale lilac/grey that could work all year with the right pieces.
3. The texture. Soft. Oh so soft leather.

And the not so lovely bits of Lexi in real life?

Lexi laying flat. She's looking a bit rumpled and faded compared to her website appearance. And what's that? Look closely, Lexi's showing off her belly-button! No, it's actually the magnetic closure poking through and it looks like a blemish in the leather. This detail is not pretty IRL. I wish it wasn't there, or that it was just a visible brass closure. The tassel is pretty though, isn't it?

Lexi doubled over. One thing I noticed right away when I folded the Lexi into the clutch shape is that the leather seems kind of bulky and thick and the bag doesn't really cover the magnet.

Sorry Lexi Clutch. I had to admit defeat. Lexi Clutch and I weren't meant to be. She's pretty, but I just wasn't that impressed with the overall execution of this bag/clutch. I think the Lexi Tote has more of what the clutch version doesn't, including handles.

J. Crew also released a pretty fig-purple colored bag in the Shelby hobo style, which seems to be sold out already. I did end up buying another purple clutch from a different retailer by then. I'll post on what I bought next. Stay tuned. :)