Victoria's Secret Silk Georgette Chiffon Tank Review

I decided to try this  Silk Georgette Chiffon Tank from Victoria's Secret. Priced under $50, the color and reminded me of J.Crew's expensive lace cami. I should add that the reason I ended up on the Victoria's Secret website in the first place was to buy a strapless bra. I shouldn't have strayed from my mission, but you know how it is with shopping! :) So I loaded up my cart with their Very Sexy 100-way bra, and before I placed my order, I called customer service for measurements on the cami.

When my order arrived, the bra fit perfectly...ah, except there was an extra bathing suit top in the package that I didn't order. 

Anyway, I quickly moved on to try this top. Pictured above is how the front of it looks in real life. I could have lived with this. The fit was perfect even if the color wasn't exactly how I envisioned 'rose dust' in real life, but mother of molasses what's going on around the back? See below. Now I know why they didn't show a picture of the back of this top on the website! 

It`s kind of a hot mess of tiers back there! Anyway, back this goes to Victoria's Secret. On the other hand, the 100-way bra that I'm wearing under the top gets a thumbs up.