J.Crew Slub Cotton Beaded Florence Tee and Ombre Silk Scarf

This is the new roll-out Slub Cotton Beaded Florence tee from J.Crew. I tried this in XS and Small, and I prefer the small, which is what I'm wearing in the photos. The beading is weighty, but it doesn't make the front sag.

This is another thin fabric tee from JC and I don`t know how well it will hold up with wear. I think layering it over another tee will make the top and beading last longer. I'm wearing it over a Perfect-fit tee.

The beading is pewter color and the color of the tee I'm wearing is called shadow (looks like dark charcoal -grey). I`m wearing it with the ombre silk scarf.

I expect we may see more seasonal themed tees from J.Crew in their next roll-out. The fall 2009 roll-outs haven't been as inspired as the Fall and winter 2008 for me. I`m glad I stocked up last year on favs that went on sale after last Christmas. I'll get to enjoy those now to make up for the lack of goodies I'm finding in the new releases.