Forever 21 Boyfriend Cardigan, Stripe Shirt, Bib Necklace, Skinny Jeans and Platform Pumps

I always like J.Crew but for something different I thought it would be fun to do a post featuting a Forever 21 outfit. The outfit I put together includes a black and white striped shirt, teal blue cardigan, ankle zipper skinny jeans, rosette bib necklace, and platform pumps.

I like classic pieces like the shirt and boyfriend cardigan, but I also crave trendy items like the necklace and ankle zipper jeans. If I don't want to pay a lot for trendy items I usually end up at Forever 21.

These Forever 21 suedette heels are great for fall. They come in versatile colors like black, taupe, olive, and red.

And putting it all together....
Boyfriend cardigan: Forever 21
Striped shirt: Forever 21
Skinny ankle zipper jeans: Forever 21
Floral bib necklace: Forever 21
Platform pumps: Forever 21
Watch: Tissot
Belt: J.Crew