J.Crew Fall 2011: A Preview of What's to Come

I just received J.Crew's The Thread newsletter and thought I'd share an article from it called Fall 2011: A preview of what's to come, straight from out top designers.

I know it's officially spring, but the topic of fall and winter wear is still appropriate in my corner of the world. Earlier in the week we had a big old snowstorm. Sandals, shorts and bare legs seem like a month or two away. *sigh* Also, some of us are still buying fall and winter goodies that are lingering or popping-back in the sale section of the website!

In summary watch for:
Bold colors - spicy bright oranges, reds, grey, camel and emerald greens
Skirts - longer, waists higher
Flared 50's silhouettes in trenches, skirts and dresses
Silk blouses with bow ties

I really like the outfit on the far left - those are glen plaid type trousers (cropped?) with what looks like a dark blue sweater and this brown leopard print scarf currently available on the website. There's also a matching handbag shown.

  And for the guys...