Lace Love Part 2. J.Crew Leslie Lace Shell

Outfit details:
Leslie Lace Shell
Petal Skirt in Floral

Lace and more lace. I like the color and fabric of this top so much. I actually sized down for a closer fit although my regular size would have worked too. There is a side zipper but it's not annoying like on previous tops. Probably because the cotton lace fabric is more sturdy and holds it in place properly. 

If you went overboard on J.Crew olives like I did this year, this vivid blue is a great color to brighten up those pieces. The top also comes in black and ivory (called old lace - check it out on Gigi's blog here).

I was tempted to get this top in the light color too, but then I ended up with the lovely Lace Blouson dress instead (which is the same fabric) during the last sale.