J.Crew Cashmere and Talbots

Has this ever happened to you? You put on a favorite sweater then snag it with your jewelry? That's what I managed to do to my cashmere sweater with the studded strap bracelet below. I can see the pulled bit sticking out on my arm in the picture. I'm usually so careful about the jewelry I wear with sweaters, but I missed it this time. *arrgh*

Snags aside, I wanted to try out some new shoes that I got recently from Talbots. Actually these aren't the shoes I originally ordered. Due to an 'inventory glitch' those weren't available to ship and these were my second choice. I wasn't a fan of the chiffon accent until I saw how cute the shoes are in real life.

I took my regular J.Crew ballet flat shoe size and the fit is very similar.

The colors in the print make them a very neutral shoe and the pointy toe works well with skirts and cropped pants.