J.Crew Painter Turtleneck Tee in Stripe Review

Outfit details:
Painter Turtleneck Tee in Stripe: J.Crew
Necklace: Forever 21
Bi-stretch Minnie: J.Crew

I ordered this turtleneck thinking it might be a little different and more interesting than the tissue turtlenecks I usually buy.

The cons:

It's short. Short in the sleeves, short in the length, short in the neck. At least for me at 5'8". This top could work well for petites though. I have a long neck so it looks strange on me folded over, and doesn't work well scrunched either because the buttons make one side stand up more.

The pros:

The shiny gold buttons feel sturdy and looked nice with the black knit. They were also very easy to unbutton and do up. The knit material is more substantial than past season painter tee knits I own.

I'm wearing this top in size small and it feels more snug across the chest than the my tissue turtlenecks. That's probably because the material is thicker and doesn't have as much stretch to it.

Overall the Painter turtleneck in stripe is a pass for me but I like the concept with the stripe design and gold buttons.