Lady Lace Popover Love

I must be one of the last J.Crew fans to get the Lady Lace Popover! I know this sweater has been very popular and it received a lot of love from others who own it, but for some reason I didn't grab one until recently.

I'm wearing the vintage champagne color. It has a somewhat boxy fit and slightly shorter body length, but still works just fine for tucking into a skirt, or wearing over pants. This is a thumbs-up piece for me.

I like this in the grey or the black too, but since I have other items with lace in those colors, this one will get all my lace love for now.

Below middle is the crystal dot hand enameled bracelet, currently on sale at J.Crew. You can see how the color compares to past season bracelets. It's a slightly darker shade but otherwise very similar. I think if I didn't have the other bracelets already, I would keep this one because it is very pretty in real life.