J.Crew Coral Tweed Jacket and Merino Tippi Sweater in Graphic Floral Reviews and Pictures

Outfit Details:
Blazer: Coral Tweed jacket
Sweater: Merino Tippi sweater in graphic floral
Jeans: Victoria's Secret
Clutch: Convertible clutch (neon rose)
Shoes: Cate leather high-heel slingbacks
Skirt: No.2 Pencil skirt in navy-white stripe
Bag: Edie purse (shallow sea)
Bracelet: Golden stripe bracelet (navy)

I used J.Crew's SPRINGBEST code to order a few of the new arrivals that caught my eye recently. My order arrived a couple of days ago, but I won't be able to post all my photos before the end of the sale tonight. Not shown here, I also received the Swoop top in Punk Floral, Linen Cote d'Azur tee, the Engineered Stripe boatneck top, and Linen Soleil tee. I'll feature those in upcoming posts, but if you have any questions about fit or colors, please ask.

The items I'm wearing above, are hands-down my favorites. The Coral tweed jacket is not a new roll-out item. I grabbed mine on a pop-back after it sold out. It still shows up almost daily in a number of sizes on the website, so just watch for it if you want this one. Despite the synthetic content, I love this jacket. The fabric is beautiful and the fit is more flattering, I think, than the shorter boxy styles offered by J.Crew this spring. The tweed is quite thick, so it may not see a lot of wear again until the fall. I originally planned to wear it over my Peony tee, but I'm equally happy with the way it looks with the floral graphic Tippi sweater.

The Tippi sweater in graphic floral was love at first sight on the website and I'm equally happy with it in real life. The sweater fits true to size. It's soft and comfortable to wear in an air conditioned office.

The No. 2 Pencil skirt in navy-white stripe will be my spring/summer closet work-horse. If you can only buy one pencil skirt this spring/summer, and you don't already own a similar print, I recommend this one. Fit is true to size. The fabric does stretch out a little with wear.

The sweater also goes unexpectedly well with my neon rose Convertible Clutch, as well as the more subtle shallow sea color of the Edie purse.

Thanks for reading. I'll be back with more posts on the weekend.