J.Crew Factory Printed Panel Woven Top, 4 Ways

Factory Printed panel woven top 

I was basically done with shopping for winter items at the beginning of this month, and now I'm just watching for wear-now wear-later pieces that are on sale, like the Printed panel woven top at J.Crew Factory. The navy version of the top seems versatile too, although I prefer the floral design.

I haven't seen the top in person, but the color is called 'apricot' on the website. The back and sleeves look black online. I'll post photos of the actual outfits as I wear them after I receive the top. For now though, here are some outfit ideas I put together for it with items from my closet:
Floral print and stripes.

Floral print and polka dots.

Two more outfits with items from my closet for the spring transition in a couple of months, hopefully! :)
Floral print and tuxedo detail.
Floral  print and cashmere.