Madewell Capsule Wardrobe Outfits

This past week I did a post featuring my new arrival favorites from Madewell. The items mix and match together easily to create the casual capsule wardrobe above. As I mentioned in the previous post, I love this color palette for spring. 

All items used in the capsule outfits are linked below. 
  1. Just-Right Pullover sweater
  2. Crop tee
  3. Bryant trousers
  4. Margin Bangle bracelet set
  5. Bonded Ruffle skirt
  6. The d'Orsay flat in suede
  7. Military Stripe scarf
  8. Quilted Drawstring jacket
  9. Silk Porcelain scarf
  10. Clare oxford
  11. Glasgow satchel in washed leather
  12. Silk Journey shirtdress in Porcelain Blue
  13. Spencer Chelsea boot
  14. Collarless Messenger shirt in Dossier Plaid