J.Crew New Arrival Favorites, Collection Tulip Faux Wrap Skirt in Jungle

  1. Shirt, J.Crew
  2. Lipstick, Nordstrom
  3. Sunglasses, J.Crew
  4. Necklace, J.Crew
  5. Skirt, J.Crew
  6. Heels, J.Crew
  7. Tote, J.Crew
  8. Bronzing Illuminating Powder, Nordstrom
  9. Roll-on perfume, Ulta
I would be on a big shopping spree from the new arrivals at J.Crew right now if my closet wasn't already full to bursting. And the Collection tulip faux wrap skirt in jungle would definitely be on my wishlist. I love the colors and print on this piece and it goes so well with the new accessories too, from sunglasses to shoes. 
  1. Sweater, J.Crew
  2. Necklace, J.Crew
  3. Sunglasses, J.Crew
  4. Nail Polish (Girls Just Want to Have Fun), Nordstrom
  5. Blush, Nordstrom
  6. D'Orsay Flats, J.Crew
  7. Skirt, J.Crew
  8. Crossbody bag, J.Crew
  9. Perfume, Nordstrom