J.Crew Cotton Cricket Cardigan Review

I don't think J. Crew intended the name of this sweater to be associated with a little green insect that scapes its forewings together and chirps. Then again there does seem to be an ongoing trend with bug embellishments!

The Cotton Cricket cardigan landed a coveted spot on my wish list when I first saw it on J. Crew`s website. Like the Silk Georgette tank that I'm wearing it with (review here), the Cotton Cricket cardigan is  available online only.

I love the green/white/gold color combination. I also appreciate that it is one of the few items, aside from J.Crew t-shirts, that is machine wash and dry. I was worried that the matte gold buttons would cheapen the overall look of it in real life, but I don`t think they do.

The colored tipping/accents on my cardigan were flawless. I did read that some ladies received sweaters with defects in the trim stitching.

The sweater does fit large however, so I plan to exchange it for one size smaller.