Forever21 Accessories - Flower Pins

Flower pins are back on J.Crew outfits this fall so I decided to try my hand at DIY flower accessories. 

I purchased inexpensive flowers from Forever21 and simply converted them into flower pins with a glue gun. 

I glued sparkling fireballs to the centers of the green and burgundy flowers, and removed the attached elastic hairbands from the flowers (these flowers came with both the hairband and a clip attached to the backs).

This taupe satin/tulle flower came with an attached hairband that I also removed.

Here's a view of the back of the flowers after I glued the pins on (and a clip for the black flower)

For this flower pin, I combined two different colors by using a couple of small, black chiffon flowers and a large purple one.

And the same thing was done to create this black and ivory flower pin.

The flowers can also be clipped together to create more color combinations.

This is the green flower pin on my sweater with a black flower clipped to it...

and the black and ivory flower pin on the same sweater...

or the purple and black flower pin...

and the taupe flower pin with the green and black flower clips on a black sweater...