J.Crew Silk Georgette Pleated Tank and Other Outfits

I wore this Silk Georgette Pleated tank a few days ago with white pants and today I'm wearing it with toothpick jeans and Elodie patent sandals. The fit on this top is true to size. It has a straight body shape and it's unlined, but the material isn`t sheer.

Here are some of the other outfits that I wore recently...

This is the Tissue sparkling rose tee. I like this color more than the gray version. Also, the grey top had 2 small holes in the front and fit bigger even though it was the same size.

This is an older J.Crew top, the Tissue chiffon trim tuxedo tee in ivory. The necklace is from F21

This was the Broadcloth scalloped shell I did a post about before here. I 'fixed' the rolling petals with iron-on interfacing.

Watch for my upcoming posts on the light amethyst Lexi clutch and the Silk Evening Primrose top.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)