Styling J.Crew's Clustered Constellation Cardigan - Wear it 3 Ways

As some of my regular readers may have noticed, I've been making a few changes to my blog this month. Along with an updated layout, A Bigger Closet is now on Twitter. Please feel free to follow me by clicking here or the link on the right side of this page.

Wear It 3 Ways is new and hopefully a feature that I can repeat. My first Wear It 3 Ways post features J.Crew's Clustered Constellation Cardigan in the heather rosewood color. I took the photos for this post a while ago but just this weekend I received an email from one of my lovely readers asking for styling tips on this sweater. Thank you, you motivated me to finish this post. I bought this sweater from J.Crew before the holidays and didn't have a chance to wear it until this month. If you missed it grab one, especially with the extra 30% off sale going on now right now.

All items in my outfits are from J.Crew with the exception of the black scarf from Forever 21, fishnet tights from White House Black Market, and my own pearl necklaces.

Option 1 - Cardigan worn with pencil skirt.

Option 2 - Cardigan worn with cropped pants.

Option 3 - Cardigan worn with full skirt.

I like this cardigan best over a plain white tank top. The shape of each skirt or pant, along with different accessories, make each look different so that it doesn't feel like I'm wearing the same outfit. The neutral color palette consists of silver, pearl, white, grey, brown and black.