Pretty Polish

This is the girl's Essie nail polish in Tart Deco, from J.Crew. Why girl's nail polish? Because when I placed my order I needed to top it up to get free shipping, and the color I wanted in their regular Essie polish was sold out. The girl's nail polish label seems to just be a J.Crew thing because when I shopped around I found the same color in their regular color selections at 3 other stores. This is the first time I tried Essie nail polish and I found it fussy to apply. I needed 3 coats over a clear base to get a smooth finish and even color. The color is pretty, a shade of orange-coral that works well with J.Crew colors and also brings my Cleo basket-weave wedges to life. I skipped the top coat and still found it dried quickly, considering I needed 3 coats of polish.