September Style

The end of summer means 3 things for my closet:

1. unpacking fall and winter boxes
2. packing away summer shorts, skirts, and tops
3. deciding how to update my wardrobe for the new season

My Early Fall Wishlist:

1. Skinny leather belt in bright cobalt, also tempted by the skinny patent belt in dahlia
2. Mini pebble necklace in abyss blue
3. Mini pebble necklace in creme de menthe
4. Minnie pant in bi-stretch wool, warm redwood color
5. Favorite tank in bright dahlia
6. Perfect-fit long-sleeve v-neck tee in dark grape
7. Perfect-fit colorblock tee in black/natural
8. New Cafe capri in wool, in port wine, mine is on back-order until the beginning of October so fingers crossed that it's a keeper

I own a closet full of goodies that are similar to many of the new pieces from J.Crew, so I just picked out a few items in trending colors to update my outfits.

I dislike boxing out of season clothes, but the lack of closet space makes it necessary. On the other hand I like unpacking the boxes and rediscovering past season favorites!