J.Crew Embroidered Scarf and Casual Outfit Styling Ideas

Scarf - Embroidered scarf
Top - Tippi sweater in linen stripe

The last item in my recent site-wide sale order is the very casual Embroidered scarf. I wanted to see this in real life because it's all cotton, and because I like combinations of white, navy, and pink. It also comes in an ivory with blue and red combination. My linen Tippi is from last year and the navy matches well - of course, it's J.Crew. ;)

My Tippi sweater doesn't feel casual enough for this scarf, and neither do my unfrayed jeans. :) The way I should have styled it for the photo is with an oversized solid color tee and skinny jeans - but you get the idea. It's long, the cotton is mid weight and heavily embroidered at the ends. It has a tighter guage so the fabric is thick (great for preventing snags), but I would have preferred an lighter fabric with more drape for summer. 

Here are a few casual outfits I would add the scarf to. Most of the pieces are older basics from my closet:

New items in my closet this spring, shown in my set above, are:
The slingback boardwalk sandal and the Engineered-stripe boatneck top