Fall Capsule Wardrobe Inspired by Anthropologie

I'm borrowing this classic fall color palette from Anthropologie's new arrivals (and below) for outfit styling ideas with red/orange, navy, green/teal, peri blue, camel, and black. I have tops, bottoms, and accessories in all these colors in my closet already, but those #4 Bowtie loafers and the #9 Ornithologist satchel in navy are tempting! Anthropologie brand fans must be thrilled with all the pretty arrivals at their favorite store this season. 

  1. Bess top
  2. Brighton wide leg pants
  3. Jocelyn dress
  4. Bowtie loafers, super cute!!
  5. Basilisk satchel in navy
  6. Patent toe t-strap flats, these remind me of J.Crew's Everly t-strap pumps from last season
  7. Ruched porcelain blazer
  8. Karavi skirt
  9. Ornithologist satchel in navy
  10. Blossomed garland necklace
The reason I'm looking for color palette inspiration is because I want to play with capsule wardrobes this fall. The capsule concept isn't new, in fact the term was coined back in the 1970's and in recent years many bloggers have promoted the concept. It's great for travel outfit planning, building a new wardrobe, and also for organizing an existing one. I'm doing it to make my closet more streamlined and easier to get dressed from every day.

I'd like to do a weekly capsule with 7 semi-casual/casual outfits that use up to 12 separates. Of course my plans for blogging often get derailed by annoying health issues that compete for my time and energy, but maybe this could work since it's much easier to get dressed when you only have 12 pieces to choose from every week instead of looking at a wall of clothes and thinking, what am I going to wear today?

These are the first 12 pieces I chose from my closet. The tweed skirt and jacket are still a bit too warm to wear, which means I'll need to come up with lighter options for those (I have a cardigan and lightweight pant in the same hue), but you get the idea.

  1. Perfect-fit long sleeve t-shirt
  2. Blythe blouse in silk 
  3. Perfect-fit short sleeve t-shirt
  4. Talitha popover in feather paisley
  5. Crochet lace front tee
  6. Stovepipe trousers in camel
  7. Stovepipe trousers in dark green
  8. No. 2 pencil skirt in corkscrew tweed
  9. Light wash jeans (cropped fit)
  10. Hacking jacket
  11. Sandwashed silk tee
  12. Fit-and-flare skirt

I can already see lots of styling possibilities with the separates I chose for this set. The Factory Stone Fan necklace goes well with all the items and the colors on it are perfect for fall. I also have this necklace in the navy/clear colorway that I wore here.

I'm off to "capsule" my weekend outfits and to look for more fall color inspiration. Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great weekend!