Fall Capsule Wardrobe - Weekend Outfits

I have tried but I obviously can't resist J.Crew's graphic tops. At least not all of them. That said, the horsey sweatshirt and kiss kiss tee are probably the only ones I'll be adding to my closet this fall. I couldn't resist these two because I like the prints, and the neutral colors offer many styling possibilities.

Saturday Layers

My outfits are more edgy (for me) this weekend. I even pulled out my old ASOS studded suede clutch instead of the Madewell satchel I planned in my set, below. Studded is still 'in', right? ;)

This week's 12 piece capsule wardrobe is based on neutrals (black, navy, grey) with the addition of mood lifting cobalt or sapphire blue.

Sunday Jeans
You can see the 12 pieces I'm using in this week's capsule wardrobe here.  Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you're enjoying the weekend!