Outfit Post - Factory Geometric Graphic Merino Sweater 2 Ways

OPTION 1: Winter white, red, and black.

I ordered the Factory Geometric Graphic Merino sweater recently and was happy that it shipped...I've been getting a lot of cancellation notices from the Factory for items in my orders. Above and below are just a couple of options for styling this sweater.

OPTION 2: Winter white, black, and denim.

Along with gifts, I grabbed a few goodies for myself during the recent sales at the Factory - mainly clearance items at great prices. I think this is the first time I ordered more items from the Factory than retail J.Crew during the fall/winter season!

Speaking of the festive season, my blogging got pushed aside this month while I recovered from surgery and then tried to catch up with the holiday preparations. I just finished gift shopping this weekend. Next on my list is holiday baking. For me, that's cutting it fairly close. :) 

Is everything done on your holiday season list? 

A colorful necklace would look great with this sweater too.