J.Crew's Hidden New Fall Arrivals

These items are online, they just require a bit more digging to find. Have you seen them yet? There's the Double Cloth Camino coat for $278.00. It comes in basic colors and some new shades this year like light pewter and dusty blossom. I like this piece but don't need it because I managed to get the coveted jackets I missed from last winter on sale.

It would be great to hear sizing and reviews from JCA's who try this one in stores.

The Tiered Lace Cami for a mere $795.00. And can it be? Yes. My size 2 is already sold out!! Have an look at this piece of perfection JCA's before it's gone...it's exquisite, isn't it? *wistful sigh*.

And those bracelets...they must be coming soon too!

The Tissue Sparkling Rose tee in pewter or Champagne.

I like the more open crewneck styleon these tees but would need to see them IRL to assess the sequins.

The Hammered Metal Skirt a $78.00 shown with the first rose tee above.

And finally, Herringbone tights. I'm coveting these...in both colors.

Thanks to an Anonymous poster who also found these hidden items, the Lexi Tote for $325, the Lexi Satchel for $425, and the Metallic Lexi Clutch for $225.

If you missed my last post, I reviewed and wore the following J.Crew items:

Cotton Contrast Stitch Perfect Shirt
Crystal Symphony Necklace and matching bracelet
Tiered Crystal Libretto Necklace
Liberty Art Fabric Perfect Shirt
Double Strand Confetti Necklace
Pixie Pants