J.Crew New Arrivals: Jackie Sweater, Ashbury Wool Scarf, Golden Stripe Bracelet

Spring outfits seem a long way off if you live in a part of the country where the full wrath of winter hasn't even arrived yet. It's still fun to check out new arrivals though and predictably I ended up at J.Crew.

I've seen a few of the Ashbury print items on other blog reviews and I wanted to get my hands on this scarf. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful in real life!

Items like this scarf that happens to perfectly color match with my bag from last fall and my much older J.Crew coat are exactly why I keep returning to J.Crew.

Something else that's new is the Jackie sweater. This one gets a thumbs-up from me. I took a medium for a looser fit through the body although I think that the small size would be fine too because this top has a lot of stretch to it.

I'm ready to wear this sweater now! It's a washable, thick, shape retaining cotton blend. The website description said this is a long-sleeve sweater. It's not. As you can see, it has three-quarter length sleeves.

To preserve the fabric and gorgeous color, here's the method I use to wash all my delicate knits:
  • turn sweater inside-out
  • use cold water detergent and a delicate cycle (don't mix with other fabric blends to prevent pilling)
  • toss in the dryer on a very low heat for a maxiumum of 5 to 7 minutes (I use an anti-static cloth in the dryer, not fabric softener sheets)
  • reshape to remove any creases
  • hang dry on a wide shoulder hanger or lay flat to dry