Friday Window Shopping at Anthro

 I feel like I'm two-timing on my favorite retailer by wishlisting new arrivals at Anthropologie, but there are some pretty pieces in the fall roll-out that are definitely worth a second look. Here's just a few that could easily slip into my closet alongside J.Crew favorites. :) 

  1. Montaigne coat - also comes in ivory, but you know how I like my modern red :)
  2. Kantha moto jacket - pricey but unique, the moto shape gives this quilted jacket non-granny appeal.
  3. Confetti striped pullover/Cablegram booties - no sign of the pants online, but the color reminds me of a pair of J.Crew wool minnie pants I have from a couple of years ago.
  4. Colette trench - beautiful details and shaping on this one.

  1. Jolie Moto Jacket - moto jackets are like skinny jeans, every closet needs one - I love this dressier fabric version.
  2. Critter Feature top - there's also a bunny, owl, puppies, birds, and hedgehogs - the red fox on blue is my favorite for fall.
  3. Scalloped pearl jacket - on trend for fall in a pastel pink but I also love the details on this, including the elegant pleated swing style back.
  4. Giraffe canopy sweater - looks like a sweatshirt but it's a quirky sweater with classic fall colors.