Back to Basics - Easy Outfit Ideas

The Basics

Very few retailers sell and style J.Crew items on their website, aside from J.Crew of course. I came across these easy to copy outfits at Net a Porter recently featuring J.Crew tops. The t-shirt colors are ones that most of us probably have in the closet already. 

Luxe Inspired

From my closet: Perfect-fit tee with silk petal skirt, Factory Dorset purse and Darby loafers.

From my closet: Perfect-fit tee with Calf hair and stretch merino knit skirt, Bronwyn pursette, wedge boots.

From my closet: Perfect-fit tee with Boyfriend jeans, Classic leather tote, and Mona tassel heels (similar).

From my closet (I'm combining option 1 and 2): Jeweled short sleeve sweatshirt, Silk blouse, leather skirt, heels, Vero clutch.

The Jeweled short sleeve sweatshirt is sold out on J.Crew's website but I'm still on the fence about keeping mine. I was drawn to the short sleeves and jewel detailing initially, but the jewels are a bit on the heavy side.  I found two outfit ideas for it on Net a Porter - with grey pants and layered over a white shirt, and with black leather boyfriend pants and heels.