Fall Capsule Wardrobe - Saturday Outfit

Cozy sweaters and scarves make perfect pairings for fall weekend outfits. I'm also indulging my love for leopard print today (I tied the ends of the scarf together, infinity style). My wool leopard print scarf is a couple of years old but I still love it!

  1. Oversize Merino pocket sweater, I also wore it here
  2. Leopard print wool scarf
  3. Toothpick jean
  4. Suede satchel
  5. Darby loafer

Holiday Lookbook preview

There is more camel and black outfit inspiration coming up at Banana Republic. I especially like the pop of blue with plaid in the second to last outfit above. I have a silk shirt from J.Crew in a similar shade. Now I'm inspired to use it in one of my capsule wardrobes next month. :)