Thursday and Friday Outfits

These are the 12 separates that I used in this week's capsule wardrobe:
  1. Drapey wool Mackenzie jacket, similarsimilar
  2. Stripe sweater, similarsimilarsimilarsimilar
  3. Pepper tweed pencil skirt, similarsimilarsimilar
  4. Blue sweater, similarsimilarsimilar
  5. Cafe capri in woolsimilar (navy) similar (full length, navy)
  6. Kiss Kiss tee
  7. Tromp l'oeil lace top, similar similarsimilarsimilarsimilar
  8. Merino boyfriend sweater
  9. Jeans, similar
  10. Horsing around sweatshirt, *newsimilar, similarsimilar, similarsimilar, similar (tee)
  11. Moto pants, similarsimilarsimilarsimilar
  12. Perfect fit long sleeve tee

My last two outfits from this week's capsule wardrobe feature tweed and stripes. A tweed skirt and tee on Thursday, wide stripe sweater and jeans for casual Friday. I found that the combination of navy, cobalt blue, grey, and black were very easy to mix and match into chic, uncomplicated outfits. And since the colors in this capsule work for any season, I plan to re-visit it with winter separates in a few months. 

  1. Perfect fit long sleeve tee, boatneck, v-neck
  2. Pepper tweed skirt, similar, similar 
  3. Stone fan necklace
  4. Belt, similar
  5. Purse - similar similar
  6. Heels - similarsimilar

  1. Blazer/jacket, similar (also more below)
  2. Sweater, similar (also more below)
  3. Jeans, similar
  4. Vero clutchsimilar in blue, similar, similar
  5. Jeans, similar
  6. Necklace, similarsimilar, similar
  7. Scarf, similar, similar

Tomorrow I'll post the 12 pieces that I'll be using in next week's capsule wardrobe outfits.