Thursday and Friday Outfits


These are my last two outfits using this week's pink, gray, black, and white capsule separates. Along with black and white, the addition of gray made it easy to 'adjust' the amount of pink I wanted in my outfits each day. 

Thursday and Friday Outfits:
  1. Perfect-fit long sleeve tee (2 colors)
  2. Fluted skirt
  3. Two-tone cashmere cardigan
  4. Cafe capri in wool
  5. Pointed toe flats
  6. Vero clutch
  7. Mirrored crystal necklace

The 12 separates I used in this week's capsule: 
  1. Two-tone cashmere cardigan
  2. Fluted skirt
  3. Sequin stripe tee
  4. Grey jeans
  5. Cafe capri in wool
  6. Perfect fit tee
  7. Perfect fit tee
  8. Secretary blouse
  9. Schoolboy blazer
  10. Cafe capri in wool
  11. Perfect fit tee, hot pink
  12. Silk panel peony sweatshirt

I feel like it's time to break out some more traditional fall colors for my next capsule wardrobe. I'll post next week's colors and separates tomorrow.