Window Shopping at Anthropologie

Anthropologie has been rolling out all kinds of covetables this fall. Every time I visit their website I find more goodies that deserve a second look. I saw these today and couldn't resist sharing.
  1. Anatolia brocade pencil skirt. This print reminds me of J.Crew's popular Silk indigo foral skirt from a few years ago. Brown/blue/black floral print is unexpected and mixes suprisingly well with closet basics.
  2. Bushytailed pullover. I think squirrels are adorable, and this sweater reminds me of why I like them so much, it's all about that bushy tail of course ;). 
  3. Mirabelle top and Brocade Bloom skirt. Check out the close-up detail on this skirt, it's beautiful! I wish I was 4 inches shorter so that I could wear pretty skirts like this. The sparkly collar top is lovely too. 
  4. Mayberry cardigan. I have a fluted skirt and I'm always looking for ideas on what to wear with it. Polka dots on pink are perfect!