J.Crew New Arrival Favorites

  1. Featherweight cashmere tee in warm redwood
  2. Liberty popover in Hera feather print
  3. Minnie pant in diamond print
  4. Sophie crossbody bag
  5. Stone burst earrings
  6. Teddy satchel
  7. Crystal sky earrings
  8. Moonglow paisley silk tee
  9. Cleo suede loafers
  10. Merino swing sweater in heather sky
  11. Misty fog floral popover
  12. Resin arrowhead necklace
  13. Thomas Mason leather trim tunic
  14. Everly suede pumps in pewter
  15. Cashmere shell in slim stripe
  16. Collection pant in misty fog floral
J.Crew is messing with seasonal colors again. While I really like a number of the prints in the new roll-out, the colors remind me of fall more than they do winter or spring.

I was happy to see warm redwood make a comeback in the cashmere tee. I have this shade in a similar top and find the color works at almost any time of year. The diamond print Minnie pants could be a closet workhorse, along with the Misty fog floral and vibrant Moonglow paisley prints. One more item for the wishlist is the Peacoat trench, I like this take on the classic spring topper in both colors.