New Arrival Favorites At Club Monaco

  1. Elsa Sheath Dress
  2. Gala Skirt
  3. Darla Silk Scarf
  4. Matalin Lace Top
  5. Marlo Suede Sandal
  6. Fallon Leather Trim Shirt
Another favourite (not shown) is the Darla Tassel Sandal.

It's the season for new arrivals and I'm making the rounds to check them out. I haven't officially joined the addicted to Club Monaco shoppers list (I'm sure it exists), but I'm definitely in the fan club. Like with so many other retailers, their items often remind me of something I expect to see on J.Crew's website. 

CM's skirts tend to be on the short side for taller gals like me, but April's roll-out offers at least a couple of perfect length hemlines that I really like. They also do the clean aesthetic look well, and I think these picks could work in the closet rotation for many seasons. 

Thanks for visiting, have a great Thursday! :)