DIY Summer Hat Decorating With J.Crew Accessories

Straw sun hat, Old Navy

I got this sun hat at Old Navy last week and wanted to add some visual interest to its au naturel look. There are countless ways to beribbon and bedeck summer hats. I'm not inventing the wheel, just sharing an easy way to decorate this kind of hat using some older J.Crew sash/tie belts found in the closet. :)

Belts, J.Crew

  • Wrap and tie the belt around the hat. These belts were long enough to double wrap and knot, or to wrap around the hat once and tie a bow. I left the ends loose so they hang off the hat's brim.
  • Secure the belt to the hat with a few discrete stitches using clear or matching colored thread. That's it!
What I like about using these belts and just attaching them with a few stitches, is that they don't get damaged and they're easy to remove and use as belts again.

Silk and raffia flowers.

Beaded silk.

Silk flowers.

Straw flowers.

Raffia and silk flowers in black.

Aren't they pretty? And it doesn't get much easier for a DIY project, which is exactly the way I like it. :)  

I also want to talk about the hat for a moment. It's available in two colors and comes in two sizes, S/M and L/XL. I really like the style and fit. DIY embellishments give it extra visual interest, but that's just my own preference - it also looks cute as it is with outfits.

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