My Picks From Kate Spade...The Private Sale. They're Going Fast!!

  1. Tanner dress
  2. Hampton dress (LOVE the bow detail back!)
  3. Dehlia dress
Here's something different...at least for me, because I usually admire Kate Spade's very pricey lovelies at a distance. This weekend however, Bloomingdale's is having a Private Sale. 

And here's what really caught my attention...gorgeous Kate Spade dresses and separates (lots of them). On sale, plenty of sizes (but they're going really fast), and eligible for the additional discount at check-out. When Kate Spade prices drop close to J.Crew on sale, it gets our attention, right ladies? :)

  1. Emrick dress
  2. Tami blazer
  3. Thalia top
  1. Swayer dress
  2. Carlie dress
  3. Mariella dress
  1. Blakely dress 
  2. sold out
  1. Mariella dress
  2. Marit skirt
  3. Shipley coat
  1. Lyric dress
  2. Arcadia cardigan
  3. Gemma top
If you're a Kate Spade fan too, enjoy!